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Your long-term relationship with Go Green Technologies will give you access to tomorrow’s technology.

Future Lighting

While it may seem that the migration to LED lighting is a major step forward, it is just the start. As a “digital technology” LED lighting offers some significant future capabilities. Intelligent (smart) lighting systems are available now. Lighting fixtures are combined with controls to deliver optimum lighting based on time-of-day, worker activity, and outside daylight conditions. Coming soon is human-centric lighting that aligns light color and intensity with worker body clocks (circadian rhythms) to improve mood and output. Go Green Technologies is on the leading edge with both of these lighting technologies and can deliver a solution today.

Future ligthing
Image by John Cameron

Electric Vehicles

Today there are over 300,000 electric vehicles on the road. With each major auto maker now adding new models, that number will soon reach one million and beyond. Is your facility ready to meet the demand from your workers, customers, or tenants for EV charging. Go Green Technologies is ready now to deliver an EV charging system that can integrate with a solar power, if available, to let you supply the power these cars need without negatively impacting your Net Zero building strategy.

Electric Vehicles

Peak Demand Shaving

One of the most significant factors in purchasing electric power from the utility grid is “demand charges”. A significant portion of a monthly commercial electric bill is determined by the peak 15-minute consumption period during the month. The use of solar power is one way to reduce load and associated peak demand costs. When solar is paired with high capacity battery storage, even greater amounts of substitute power is can be made avail-able during peak demand periods. Go Green Technologies can analyze your demand charges and deliver a custom solution that can drive down your facility’s electric power costs.

Peak Deman Shaving

New Construction

So you are planning a new facility. Go Green Technologies engineers can work alongside your architects and designers to help guide them toward Net Zero. Our team can perform lighting studies that maximize no-cost daylight harvesting that lowers lighting requirements. Our solar engineers can assist in optimum placement of rooftop fixtures that maximize available space for solar panel installation. Our LED lighting products experts can specify optimum fixtures — or even custom design/deliver a fixture for your unique needs. Finally, our electrical products supplier can source the electrical materials you need to save your contractor time and money. Go Green Technologies can be an ideal partner for new construction.

New Construction
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