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LeachBuster® Technology


The LeachBuster® is an innovative and state-of-the-art technology which can treat a wide range of waste streams with high solids (up to 50% solids) into clean water without the need for pre-filtration or staging. The system can be content-tuned to generate clean water streams with a wide spectrum of purity depending on recycled water usage. The LeachBuster® system is also able to remove heavy metals, such as arsenic, selenium, and the like from drinking water. Up to 99% of the water can be recovered from most wastewater streams for reuse or returned to the environment. The results with the LeachBuster® system exceeds the government mandates for treating high solids/multi-contaminant waste streams such as raw sewage, industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, digestates, or livestock wastes. The patent-pending system does not use any chemicals and the concentrated solids can be processed in a variety of environmentally-friendly methods

  •  Create an economic engine by turning wastewater into reusable water and resources.

  •  Eliminate concerns about periodical backwashing and frequent filter changes.

  •  Produce significant cost savings due to the reduction of waste water volume for off-site or on-site treatment.

  •  Enjoy substantial cost savings by reusing treated and recycled water.

  •  Capable of capturing specific materials in the waste stream for reuse elsewhere.

  •  Reduction in treatment time and cost by employing a single pass system.

  •  Optimize and reduce physical space by using compared to traditional solutions.

  •  Reduce the need for on-site holding ponds or lagoons. Preserve nature by conserving water and reducing the introduction of pollutants into our natural resources and communities

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