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Go Green Technologies

Helping Reduce Energy 


The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that in 2018, the U.S. commercial sector,
which includes commercial and institutional buildings, and public street and highway lighting,
consumed about 141 billion kWh for lighting, equal to about 10% of total commercial sector electricity
consumption in 2018.




The first step toward Net Zero Buildings is to focus on energy consumption.

Large U.S. office buildings (100,000+ sq. ft.) use an average of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually per square foot. Lighting typically consumes 16 percent of all electricity consumption. As a result, most commercial and industrial
building owners view a lighting retrofit as the fastest and most cost-effective way to lower consumption.


Go Green Technologies brings vast experience in lighting system evaluation, specification of replacement lighting fixtures, and implementation of lighting controls that push energy savings even further. Here’s how we work together:


Client Meeting

We know that one size does not fit all. We begin by meeting with key stakeholders who are responsible for building operations. This often includes the facility management department, facility engineering, finance, and even the building owner for smaller facilities. During the meeting we capture information such as historical electricity bills, current operating
costs, and any future plans for expansion/

Lighting Audit

Our experienced team of lighting auditors survey the facility and document existing lighting fixtures. This includes exterior lighting found in parking lots and garages, building-attached lighting, building signage, interior lighting in hallways, offices and meeting rooms, industrial lighting in production and warehouse areas, and emergency lighting throughout. The accuracy of the audit is critical because information gathered provides a baseline on current energy consumption and enables the specification of replacement fixtures and their energy savings potential.


Engineering, Design, Proposal

Using the information gathered, our engineers develop a client lighting profile to design an efficient and cost effective solution that focuses on improved lighting quality, energy efficiency that reduces client’s carbon footprint, and ROI. Our proposals capitalize on our innovative lighting product sourcing model that delivers best-in-class products with top quality at very favorable prices. In most cases, our customers investment payback period is under two years!


Utility Rebate Management

A critical element in maximizing the financial return-on-investment from a lighting retrofit is fully leveraging all available utility rebates. Our team of rebate specialists understand the nuances of claiming these rebates and in most cases, are able to capture as much as 20 percent more than lighting contractors with less experience. What’s more, we will handle all rebate claims taking the burden from our clients and providing them with an instant credit toward their project cost.



Even the best plans can result in sur-prises during installation. That’s where Go Green Technologies is at its best. Our team of installers work closely with our lighting designers and engineers to ensure that each project is com-pleted on time and as specified. Our installers are fully trained on each lighting product and work under the supervision of our master electricians. We are flexible and work around each customer’s facility availability to minimize disruption. We customize lighting controls such that they deliver light when and where needed. We fully test each installation before handoff. And we take pride in the cleanliness of our work.

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Project Financing

Many of our clients need help in securing financing for their lighting upgrade. We work with each client’s special situation and match them with available government programs and our network of financial institutions who understand the fiscal benefits of an investment in energy efficiency.

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