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Go Green Technologies

Net Zero Energy Building Solutions and More

"There's a huge gap between what people think is achievable and what is actually achievable. Consumers should expect nothing less than net-zero energy buildings," said Paul Torcellini, principal engineer for the National Renewable Energy Lab.



A Net Zero Energy Building is one where the total
amount of annual energy consumed is roughly
equal to the amount of renewable energy that
is created on the site.



Achieving Zero Energy provides many benefits for
the building owner, including:


  • Hedge against future energy price increases

  • Reduced need for energy austerity programs

  • Lower total cost of building ownership

  • Lower building operating and maintenance costs

  • Less exposure to risk of loss from grid blackouts

  • Possible higher resale value as potential owners are seeking more zero-energy buildings than are available in the market today


  • Hedge against possible future penalties based on carbon emissions that may force retrofits

  • Lower consumption of public utility power that can lead to reduced need for grid expansion.

  • Being a responsible “corporate citizen”


One of the key areas of debate in zero energy building design is the balance between energy conservation and the distributed point-of-use harvesting of renewable energy (e.g. solar energy).
Most buildings use a combination of both to achieve their objective.

Go Green Technologies is equipped to assist
building owners in migrating their buildings toward Zero Energy with a two-fold approach.


  • On the energy consumption side, we focus on reducing electrical power usage through the installation of state-of-the-art LED lighting systems and controls. These technologies not only lower energy usage, but they improve safety and worker productivity.


  • On the sustainable energy generation side, we focus on designing and installing solar PV systems that produce self-contained, off-thegrid electricity. We use the results achieved from the lighting upgrade to project power requirements for planning/sizing the solar system that we recommend.

We are also sensitive to the financial impact of going Zero Energy. Our energy analysis includes a financial analysis which details the initial investment required for the proposed LED lighting retrofit and Solar PV system, the energy cost savings, rebate/tax incentives for each, and the net Return on Investment for the building owner.

Even A One-Day Delay Costs Real Money

Each and every day, your facility is spending money on electric power and maintenance that could otherwise fall right to the bottom line. Many of our clients are shocked at the daily costs they are incurring and as a result, move quickly toward implementation of a strategy toward a Net Zero Building.

No Cost, No Risk Assessment Opportunity.
Go Green Technologies bears the cost of conducting an energy audit, the first step toward a Net Zero Building plan. The no-cost, no-obligation service is an opportunity every building owner should immediately consider.

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