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Go Green Technologies is a unique collaboration of highly successful independent companies who collectively are committed to delivering a comprehensive, and cost-effective energy-efficient solution to today’s facility management challenges. The members believe that a coalition of separate entities is superior to traditional large company (divisional) solutions because each member company can quickly adapt to the evolving needs of its customers. Together, the members of Go Green Technologies are uniquely qualified to offer a broad range of environmentally responsible electrical facility solutions. 


Members of Go Green Technologies include:


Apadana is a leading LED lighting and controls service company that delivers customer-specific engineered lighting solutions for both new construction and retrofit projects. The company provides no-cost facility audits and ROI-driven proposals that drive down energy consumption while increasing the quality of lighting within each customer facility. Apadana was recognized by Excel Energy in 2017 and 2018 as the third largest Preferred Partner based on kWh saved.

Apadana solar logo - reverse2.png


Apadana Solar Technologies delivers sustainable energy generation. Apadana Solar is a full service EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) firm dedicated to the design, implementation and service of solar PV systems that produce clean power at a fraction of the cost of traditional electric power sources.


Regency is a full-service electrical contractor with more than 30 years experience in all phases of retail,
commercial, and industrial construction and retrofit projects. Regency specializes in lighting and electronic
signage retrofits, with an emphasis on maximizing customer energy savings.



ParSecurity offers a complete range of commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential facility security
solutions including access control, intrusion detection, real-time video surveillance and 24x7 monitoring.


US Luminaire is a developer of industry-leading LED lighting and integrated controls that provide not just
superior interior and exterior lighting but expands the definition of lighting to include Human-Centric lighting that has proven to increase worker productivity. US Luminaire also offers custom designed and built video walls and LED signage that make any facility stand out.

Designer Lamps
ATEK Distribution - orange and charcoal


ATEK Distribution is a wholesale distributor of LED lighting, solar, and electrical products serving large customers with in-house electricians as well as independent electrical contractors.


Clark Technology is in the business of developing and/or utilizing technologies and innovative solutions that improve our environment and people’s health and quality of life specifically in creating sustainable economic engine and thrive-able communities. These issues and challenges include municipal solid wastes, municipal wastewater, industrial and other waste streams, environmental contaminants, energy shortage (short and long-term), fossil fuel control and energy crisis, global warming, health issues associated with landfills, incomplete wastewater treatment, chemical and toxin emission, and many other man and nature-made issues.

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